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Airline Customers have Spoken!

Posted on October 18, 2010 12:00 am by in Airlines

It's with great pride that I wanted to recognize 2 of CAK carriers for receiving the distinction of being in the Top 10 of best domestic airlines for the customer experience. Drum roll please, AirTran and Frontier were tapped to be part of this customer focused group. From reservations, to ticket check in, to in-flight service and entertainment , to reliability of schedule, and on time service, AirTran and Frontier were picked by customers to be 2 of the top 10 best! We're proud to be part of their success and to have them as part of the CAK family of airlines.

It might also be worthy of mentioning that Southwest Airlines was also part of this distinguished group, and with the purposed merger of Southwest and AirTran, these two carriers combined  should continue to offer customers great service.These carriers continue to raise the bar for other carriers in providing safe, affordable, and comfortable travel throughout the United States.

A last note of interest to those who have been procrastinating on purchasing tickets for future travel this spring or especially this winter with ski season fast approaching (thank goodness for snow), the time to act is now. From what I've been seeing the experts expect airline tickets to continue to rise, so the best time for purchasing  could be now. Plus it will give you more time to worry about other things than locking in that great rate to Salt Lake City or Denver or Telluride to go downhill. I know I can't wait, and yes, I've bought my ticket!

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Traveling through CAK is fast! The only time we slow down is on #slomomonday. ✈️ #cakairport #abetterwaytogo #slomo #slomotion  #slowmotionvideo #aviation #aviation4life #aviationenthusiast #aviationgeek #planestagram #planespotting #takeoff #readyfortakeoff #airport #airportlife #airportoperations #runway #instaviation #thingsthatfly #avnerd #aviationdaily

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Traveling through CAK is fast! The only time we slow down is on #slomomonday. ✈️ #cakairport #abetterwaytogo #slomo #slomotion #slowmotionvideo #aviation #aviation4life #aviationenthusiast #aviationgeek #planestagram #planespotting #takeoff #readyfortakeoff #airport #airportlife #airportoperations #runway #instaviation #thingsthatfly #avnerd #aviationdaily


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