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Welcome to Social CAK - Win on Frontier Airlines!

Posted on December 04, 2009 8:40 am by in General

I am so excited that we've launched Social CAK! We've been planning this one-stop shop for everything social for about six months. I couldn't be more thrilled with the results!

The cool thing about Web 2.0 is how interactive and intuitive it is. The downside is that it is also fragmented. Each platform is seemingly competing for its own dominant space in the social universe. That's why we created Social CAK; to allow CAK fans to view and access everything we are doing in new media. Simple, fun and free. What a great combination!

A couple of snappy new features I'd suggest you check out include- the Prez Says and our expanded Inside CAK blog platform. We are involving more savvy CAK insiders in sharing our unique brand of business with you. Please join President and CEO Rick McQueen for a "no holds barred" live chat every third Wednesday of the month. Ask what you like of our top dog. He's all ears and wants to get your insights and answer your questions about the airport. Then, check out the expanded Inside CAK blog. Hear from other insiders including a private pilot and operations and safety manager about what really makes the airport tick.

Finally, sign up for a seriously great prize from our partners at Frontier Airlines! They were so excited about the launch of Social CAK that they are offering $500 in Frontier Airlines bucks to use towards your next flight to Denver or beyond! How sweet is that?   

We hope you like Social CAK too. Let us know what you think @CAKairport, or in response to one of our multiple blog posts. Thanks and happy surfing!

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Happy starts here. ✈️
#CAKHugZone #enjoythejourney #betterwaytogo #cakairport

6 days ago via Instagram

Happy starts here. ✈️ #CAKHugZone #enjoythejourney #betterwaytogo #cakairport


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