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Happy holidays from CAK

Posted on December 23, 2009 11:44 am by in General

Ho, ho, ho and away we go! It seems like this year and this decade for that matter, have literally flown by. So much has happened at CAK, but the important things remain the same.

Even though we lost our beloved airport director, Fred Krum, we keep his spirit alive by following his advice and being inspired by his past leadership. Fred said that our best days are still ahead of us, and I believe that a truer statement has never been made.

     We remain committed to keeping the CAK family of employees happy, healthy and safe.

     We will always work hard to delight customers and stay focused on delivering a relaxing customer experience.

     We will keep airport costs low for passengers and for our airline partners.

     We will tell the truth, honor our commitment to pubic service and work hard to be an active force in the upcoming economic recovery.

Even though the first decade of the new millennium is behind us, we have so much for which to be grateful and so much to look forward to. New flights, more passengers, incredible people everywhere. I am blessed to be part of this team! So, happy holidays to all. May we all find peace, joy and a renewed commitment to what really matters in the New Year.

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Awesome photo @k_darlington! Another picturesque setting @cakairport. Sunset 🌅 #cakairport #betterwaytogo #planespotting #avaition #sunset

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Awesome photo @k_darlington! Another picturesque setting @cakairport. Sunset 🌅 #cakairport #betterwaytogo #planespotting #avaition #sunset


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