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AirTran records record Q2 profit

Posted on July 23, 2009 4:38 pm by in General

Times are tough out there. You know what I mean, the economy, global warming, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the list goes on and on. Well, there is a ray of light shining on our airport and our region. AirTran Airways posted a $78.9 million profit for the second quarter despite lagging demand and lower air fares.

Why is that good for Akron-Canton Airport and region? AirTran is our largest carrier, serving seven nonstop destinations- Atlanta, New York, Boston, Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Myers and Ft. Lauderdale. That is really incredible for an airport our size (although I think AirTran is popular with travelers from throughout the Cleveland+ region). They move around 60,000 people in/out of CAK every month. That's a lot of peeps saving a lot of money to great places. Because AirTran Airways is big here, we have the lowest average fare in Ohio. That's a big deal when folks are more interested than ever in saving money. Passengers love AirTran for more than their low fares though. Check out the comments at the end of Alison Grant's story to see exactly why. Hint: big, comfortable jets with free satellite radio and Wi-Fi on every flight.

Many carriers are posting losses in the second quarter so AirTran's ability to turn a profit is even more impressive. Congratulations, AirTran! We are grateful for your excellent service and community support over more than a decade.

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Wishing we could stare at this all day! Thanks for sharing, Adrienne Gressel! #cakairport #coveredparking #parkingperks #cottoncandysky #abetterwaytogo

2 days ago via Instagram

Wishing we could stare at this all day! Thanks for sharing, Adrienne Gressel! #cakairport #coveredparking #parkingperks #cottoncandysky #abetterwaytogo


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