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Catching Up- Akron-Canton Airport

Posted on October 16, 2008 10:49 am by in General

Wow! The last few weeks have been so busy and so exciting that I haven't had even a spare moment to share with you what's happening. So, let me bring you up to speed on some really cool stuff:


Rick McQueen was named President and CEO of the airport. He is a 26 year veteran at CAK and is a really nice guy. He is a shrewd financial manager (penny pincher really better suits his financial style), a top notch administrator with a vision for our future. I am thrilled the board selected Rick rather than undergoing a lengthy search for a replacement for Fred.

I was promoted to Senior VP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. I know, the title is a bit over the top but I just love it! I've got a great team and I am excited about the new challenges ahead.

Now this is a biggy…US Airways recently applied for Washington D.C. Reagan Airport (DCA) slots so they can offer service to Akron-Canton! This is really amazing because many (most) communities throughout the country are experiencing a significant decline in air service and we in contrast, have an incredible chance to grow. Midwest Airlines also wants the slots for a fifth round trip to Milwaukee (a fine city). We feel though, that first ever service to our community has greater merit than replacing a fifth round trip. If this service is important to you too, click here for a sample support letter!

Rick and I went to the Boyd Aviation Forecast Conference last week in Aspen. Mike is such an amazing speaker. He knows a thing or two about the airline industry too. At the conference, Rick and I were able to shake hands with Sean Menke, President, Frontier Airlines and Scott Kirby, President, US Airways. I was so tickled because both knew about the cool things our community does to set us apart from the competition.

Ok, that's enough for now. Sorry for the long break. It wont be so bad next time. Also, keep your fingers crossed on DCA!

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Traveling through CAK is easier than capturing the perfect pic! Next time you fly, choose a better way to go. 📷🍽✈️ #abetterwaytogo #cakairport #CAKisEasierThan #instaworthyfood #foodstagram #foodie #foodography #millenials #akron #canton #ohio #travel #airport #airportlife

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Traveling through CAK is easier than capturing the perfect pic! Next time you fly, choose a better way to go. 📷🍽✈️ #abetterwaytogo #cakairport #CAKisEasierThan #instaworthyfood #foodstagram #foodie #foodography #millenials #akron #canton #ohio #travel #airport #airportlife


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