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Posted on July 11, 2008 3:07 pm by in General

My friend Pat Rowe at Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee has done it again! I recently read a story about their "recombobulation" area at MKE. Hee hee. What a stroke of genius. If you couldn't guess, a recombobualtion area is where you put yourself back together after everything you want to take on a plane is x-rayed, poked, sorted, and returned to you in a big grey bin.

Pat and team actually named the space where you can put your belt and shoes back on, return all your gels and liquids to your purse (or man bag?), put your computer back in its case before calmly and coolly (right….) proceeding to your departure gate.

I think it is a lovely idea. There are times when every one of us could use a little levity. The recombobulation area is perfect. If we aren't careful, the whole screening process coupled with an airline industry that's buckling under the strain of increasing fuel costs, the subsequent layoffs, flight reductions and higher fares could make us (me) feel a bit stressed out. Recombobulate, smile, take a deep breath and fly high. Yes, that is better.

Thanks Pat and MKE! This really is a stroke of genius.

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Fluffy clouds and blue skies at CAK! Photo credit: @harrison_a_miller #planespotting #avgeek #aviation #theviewfromhere #cakairport

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Fluffy clouds and blue skies at CAK! Photo credit: @harrison_a_miller #planespotting #avgeek #aviation #theviewfromhere #cakairport


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