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Can It Be Summer?

Posted on May 23, 2008 2:41 pm by in General

Thank goodness someone turned the sun back on!!  Here's wishing all of you a fabulous weekend in Northeast Ohio!

As we shift in to the summer months, now would be the right time to purchase airline tickets for late summer, early fall vacations. With oil continuing to rise, the deals on air travel won't get better if you wait. Along with that, American just announced that it will be charging $15 on any piece of baggage that is checked.  I look to other airlines following their lead in the future.

We are continuing to make additional customer service improvements to our terminal. Hand sanitizers are now located at food concessions and security check points for your convenience, and a rotating art exhibit also is on display near the information desk and in our atrium area. Please feel free to make suggestions to me if you see something that might make the customer experience better.  In the very near future, we will be announcing two additional improvements to our parking facility as well as terminal amenities that we hope our customers will like.  Stay tuned.

Enjoy the start of summer.  And, remember those who have served and are presently serving our country.  Give them a thank you for their service.    

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Wow! Now that’s a picture. Ready for takeoff. ✈️ Thanks for capturing this awesome image @gary_starcher #avgeek #aviation #planespotting #cakairport #betterwaytogo

3 days ago via Instagram

Wow! Now that’s a picture. Ready for takeoff. ✈️ Thanks for capturing this awesome image @gary_starcher #avgeek #aviation #planespotting #cakairport #betterwaytogo


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