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Two big events

Posted on February 20, 2008 2:55 pm by in General

Two great events are coming up. The first is the American Association of Airport Executives, Air Service Conference in San Antonio. I get to chat up CAK on a panel titled Innovative Ways Airports Connect with their Communities.

I'll be talking about blogs, YouTube, and our Facebook group page. Not many airports have embraced web 2.0 initiatives like we have. I'm so proud of my team…they of course, are the ones trailblazing with videos and social networking. I just sit back and marvel...and post blogs.

The other event is the Sales and Marketing Executives of Cleveland Executive of the Year/ Distinguished Sales and Marketing Awards on Thursday evening at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. Sandy Cutler, Chairman and CEO of the Eaton Corporation was selected as the Executive of the Year. This is an amazing networking opportunity. I don't know if tickets are still available, but you should come if you want to rub shoulders with movers and shakers in Cleveland. I feel particularly blessed to have been selected as a DSMA this year. It was a complete surprise!

Really, I view it as a wonderful reflection on the airport; an organization committed fully to evolving as a marketing organization. We are lucky to have a smart board of trustees and savvy management that embraces new ideas and innovative programs.

I'll be catching up with industry peeps in San Antonio and making new friends in Cleveland. Life is good…


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Fluffy clouds and blue skies at CAK! Photo credit: @harrison_a_miller #planespotting #avgeek #aviation #theviewfromhere #cakairport


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