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Noise Study

This is the place to find answers to frequently asked questions about the Part 150 Update Study and related matters. We will add to this section to address questions of general interest that are posed to us as the study progresses.

How can I participate in the study?

Why hire outside consultants?

Who owns and operates the Akron-Canton Airport?

Who is paying for the Part 150 Update study?

Who is involved in the study and what are their roles and responsibilities?

What is the relationship of the Part 150 Update Study to the ongoing Airport Master Plan Study?

What is the study schedule?

How often must a Part 150 Study be updated?

When were the earlier Part 150 studies conducted?

How is noise exposure determined?

How is land use compatibility determined?

How is noise exposure described in a Part 150 study process?


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Having fun with our new #snapchat filter. 🐶 Use it the next time you fly CAK. 
#betterwaytogo #enjoythejourney #cak #cakairport

2 days ago via Instagram

Having fun with our new #snapchat filter. 🐶 Use it the next time you fly CAK. #betterwaytogo #enjoythejourney #cak #cakairport


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